Illinois To Receive $19 5m As Part Of Multistate, $391m Google Location

With countless street festivals, museums, sporting events, art galleries, parks, concerts, and more…the calendar is always packed with fun things to do. Over the past two decades, CPS’ four-year high school graduation rate has nearly doubled, reaching a new record high in 2022. This progress made over such a short period of time has transformed the lives of countless graduates, and is a testament to what can be accomplished when students are centered in everything. The application for sophomore students interested in joining the Chicago Police and Firefighter Training program has now opened. Google said it plans to occupy the James R. Thompson Center, formerly home to state government offices, beginning in 2026 after completing renovations. This website is supervised by Counsel and the Court and is controlled by the Settlement Administrator that handles all aspects of the notice program and claims processing. Other websites may contain incorrect information about this litigation and should not be relied upon.

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The tech giant will pay Illinois $19.5 million as part of a settlement over the search engine and technology firm’s location-tracking practices. The AP reported in 2018 that the privacy issue with location tracking affected some two billion users of devices that run Google’s Android operating software and hundreds of millions of worldwide iPhone users who rely on Google for maps or search. Sign up for our morning newsletter to get all of our stories delivered to your mailbox each weekday. Google will pay $9 million and iHeartMedia will pay $400,000, Bonta’s office said. SACRAMENTO, Calif. — The Federal Trade Commission and a handful of states announced settlements Monday with Google and iHeartMedia related to misleading radio advertisements about a Google cellphone.

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Google has agreed to a $391 million national settlement, Raoul said Monday. Anyone, 6 months of age and older, is eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. Storing such data carries privacy risks and has been used by police to determine the location of suspects. The money will be split between the state and Alameda County, where the case was filed, and be used to enforce consumer protection laws, a spokeswoman for Bonta said.

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  • Walker is averaging 20.9 points and 9.7 rebounds at Eastern Kentucky this season.
  • Under the settlement, Google will have limitations on use and storage of certain types of location information and account controls will have to be more user-friendly.
  • Illinois was one of 38 states that took Google to task after reports that its «location history» and «web and app activity» settings recorded users’ movements even when told not to, according to Attorney General Kwame Raoul.
  • Google said it plans to occupy the James R. Thompson Center, formerly home to state government offices, beginning in 2026 after completing renovations.

We’ll let you know — right in your web browser — when there’s big breaking news happening, and also share our editors’ top picks so you see the best of what the Tribune has to offer. As part of the settlement, Google also agreed to make those practices more transparent to users, including showing them more information when they turn location account settings on and off and keeping a webpage that gives users information about the data Google collects.

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See all CPS schools and neighborhood boundaries on this searchable map. In a letter to families, CPS shares reminders for safely returning to school from winter break. There’s a new way to get students excited about learning outside the classroom.

google news illinois

World-leading academic programs, life-saving research and innovations, and Big 10 champions. Cook County has launched an exciting new series of educational programming for young children called Project Rainbow. The 21st was joined by a panel of educators to discuss Illinois’ new media literacy education requirement and why it’s important. Our team at The 21st and Illinois Public Media continues to work hard to bring you stories about how people across the state are being affected by coronavirus. We’re making it easier for Illinoisans to connect with us and share their experiences and thoughts with our new initiative «Text The 21st.»

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